So you’ve created a unique hashtag for your organization’s next event. Now you need to know what to do to get the word out and start using that hashtag. This can be your key to getting "free" promotion and great word-of-mouth recognition. It's especially helpful for non-profit organizations looking for creative, low-cost publicity. Whether you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account for your organization or business—or maybe you have accounts just for the event—you can be promoting your hashtag in every post! 

Before the event

Create awareness. Whether you are posting a status or Tweet about your event thanking a sponsor or asking people to sign up, always include your unique hashtag! Also, be sure to include the event hashtag on the registration page, encouraging people to “Join the Conversation.”

Be consistent. Make sure your hashtag is always the same when used across all social networks. If you have committee members, volunteers and staff helping you plan and promote the event, make sure everyone is using the event hashtag when talking about the event on their social profiles.

Monitor the hashtag. Be sure to like, favorite and retweet when people post with the event hashtag. This is a virtual way of thanking people for joining the conversation. 

During the event

Display your hashtag. Feature your hashtag on small table cards placed near auction items, at the bars, and on dinner tables to encourage guests to use the event hashtag when posting photos to their personal social media accounts. This makes it easy for people to engage in the event, show their friends what event they are supporting, and a take-home digital library from the event.

Also, if you’re looking to project the hashtag conversation on a screen, use a program like TweetBeam to display what people are posting to their Twitter accounts with your event hashtag. 

After the event

Thank those who engaged. After you’re recovering from the event with some downtime, make sure you go through all the posts and thank those who used the hashtag. People will be very surprised and grateful for the gesture.

Save the images. This is a great resource to save authentic images from the event. You can save them to an Evernote file and use them as “Throwback Thursday” posts on social media. If it's an annual event, use images from prior years’ events to engage with your audience and keep them excited about what's coming next.

Need a hashtag for your event? Not sure where to begin? Check out our previous blog post for three quick steps to get started.

If your organization is planning an event, and you'd like a hand with social media, we can help. Simply contact us, and we will be in touch with you!

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